Slovin & Associates, a creditor’s rights law firm operating in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana, is well-versed in all aspects of the receivables industry. We are known for our ability to find amicable and mutually beneficial resolutions to the accounts placed with our firm for collections, and we primarily do this through our easy-to-understand payment options. In our latest YouTube video, discover how Slovin & Associates makes payments easy.

Making Payments Easy

Slovin & Associates is here for consumers. We aim to make the account resolution process as simple and convenient as possible with varied options that meet consumers online, over the phone, or even by mail. Slovin & Associates has expertly trained customer care representatives on standby for any consumers who need help during the payment process.

Flexible Options For All Consumers

Our payment options make it easy for consumers to resolve their accounts. Pay online via our secure online portal from any internet-connected device, or pay by giving our team a call. Consumers can speak with an automated system or speak with one of Slovin’s incredible customer care representatives to answer any questions you may have. Slovin also accepts pay by mail directly to our Ohio headquarters. Please visit our website to learn more about each of our payment options. 

Reach Out To Our Team

Slovin & Associates is here for you. We want to make the payment process as seamless as possible. If you have any questions or would like to speak to a representative about your account, please call our office during normal business hours. We encourage you to call our team at (513) 683-9000 or (877) 456-1324.

A Mission For Change

At Slovin & Associates, our mission is to obtain expeditious and cost-efficient results in a professional and low-maintenance environment for our clients. We do this by servicing consumers with the utmost care and respect. With industry involvement in every major commercial trade organization pertinent to our organization, Slovin is going above and beyond for both clients and consumers. Slovin is also involved heavily in philanthropic endeavors including working closely with Ohio’s various charitable organizations to better our local community. 

Learn More Online

To learn more about our flexible payment options, or to simply learn more about the Slovin & Associates team and all that we do for our clients and consumers, please visit our website. If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to reach out to our customer care team. If you have any questions, we welcome all inquiries at (513) 683-9000 or (877) 456-1324. 

About Slovin & Associates

Slovin & Associates, Co., LPA aims to achieve the highest rating for creditor’s rights law firms in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana by obtaining expeditious and cost-efficient results in a professional and low-maintenance environment for our clients in the fields of collections, commercial and consumer litigation, bankruptcy, leasing and landlord-tenant law, and Fair Debt consulting.