Cleveland, Ohio Creditors Rights Attorneys

Slovin & Associates is a top creditors rights law firm in the Cleveland, Ohio area.  Creditors rights includes both the collection and litigation of bad debt receivables and is the main focus of our law practice. Each of our creditors rights attorneys is highly experienced and fully trained in creditors rights, debt collection, as well as, consumer and commercial litigation. We pride ourselves in the excellent reputation that we have established over the years in Cleveland as a professional creditors rights law firm.

As experienced Cleveland creditors rights attorneys, we have the wherewithal necessary to collect the most difficult of accounts receivable whether they are consumer or commercial claims. Our attorneys and collection staff are dedicated to handling each and every creditor’s claim utilizing the utmost in professional techniques and strategies to recover the highest percentage of dollars possible for our clients.

Although, we are not a collection agency, we are a creditors rights law firm who’s primary area of practice deals with creditors rights including the collection of bad debt receivables and the subsequent litigation that is necessary to collect certain claims. Our collection staff is monitored closely for strict compliance with the State of Ohio collection laws as well as the federal statutes governing debt collection by third party collectors, known as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. It is extremely important to our firm that our collection staff and attorneys are well schooled in the FDCPA and fully compliant with all laws associated with creditors rights in Cleveland.

The service and support that you will receive as a Slovin & Associates client is what you would come to expect from a professional law firm. We take care of our clients by giving them professional legal representation and solid support that they know they can count on.  Each of our creditors rights attorneys are dedicated to attaining the highest level of satisfaction for each and every client, no matter how large or how small that client may be with respect to the business they have placed with our firm.

Slovin & Associates can serve your creditors rights and legal needs throughout the Cleveland area no matter where your debtor is located. Our collection fees are typically contingent based and very reasonable. The results that you can expect from our creditors rights attorneys through the collection and legal efforts that we provide in Cleveland, is exemplary. We look forward to serving your company in the collection of your bad debt accounts receivable.

Please contact a creditors rights attorney today at Slovin & Associates by calling 513.683.9000 and let us design a custom campaign for your company. We stand ready to serve your collection and legal needs throughout the Cleveland, Ohio.

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